Thursday, March 12, 2009

Preparing for M6 and TF1 TV shows

A beautiful first day in Paris led at race pace thanks to Carole's boundless energy! 

10 min Morning Wake Up Call yoga
100 abs
20 floor press ups

Breakfast prepared in super C's kitchen, thank you for lending me your superb flat (it is really nice to be able to cook my own food and and feel "at home", even away on business!): banana/hazelnut milk/hemp seeds and raw chocolate smoothie (yummm!)

30 minutes walk

At the hairdressers: 300 ankle lifts (stay seated at the hairwash basin, keep your thighs glued to the seat and lift the lower leg only, horizontally) + 100 knee lifts

Lunch: mash potato/carrots/ham (comfort baby food :) + 1 vanilla soya yogurt 

30 min walk

I spend the afternoon at M6 Boutique to prepare tomorrow's show - great atmosphere - the crew is really super, full of energy and more importantly, I choose all the products I usually recommend: juicer, body leg, ab rocket etc....great!

Snack: 1 raw bar (yes, I come with my own snacks and treats to avoid eating just whatever I can get my hands on)

We rush to a TF1 interview that will be aired on the 12 o'clock news on the 20th of March. We discuss the interactive fitness market, an expanding market of several billions! 

Diner: some leftover mash from lunch time + an olive soya steak (La Vie Claire) + 2 clementines

10 min yoga breathing

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