Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cipriani - the place to be seen

A Very active day but it is for the good cause, that of LeBootCamp.

Breakfast: 1 raw bar + 1 apple

1h30 walk

Lunch: 1 soup + 1/2 Pret A Manger sandwich

2 hours walk

The weather is so nice that I prefer walking between two meetings rather than taking cabs.

Snack: 1 banana + 2 little snack bars (150 calories, for info) + 4 dates

100 abs

Diner at Cipriani's, one of London's "It" people restaurants, where 6ft surgically enhanced women walk past us and nibble a few pieces of salad... we don't fuss around and tuck into the lovely Italian food with relish: lots of delicious fresh bread (wow, the Brits can really make great bread! well, London's Italian restaurants can) + monkfish fillet with tomato sauce and rice. I don't order any desert but my friends chose some very nice ones I nibble a few spoonfuls from. Yum!

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