Sunday, March 22, 2009

Paris Body Fitness Trade Show and the Bootcampers - A wicked mix!

Last day of the Trade Show

On an empty stomach, freshly squeezed lemon with room temperature water + Rooibos tea 

15 minutes yoga

Breakfast: 1 raw bar + 1 orange
Brilliant! The Bootcampers arrive! what an energy! Happiness

I give my 11 am conference on the history of diets and the 25th hour which is becoming is becoming a household brand :)

30 minutes walk with the Bootcampers seeking a restaurant that can cater for our large group... we end up in a restaurant where we are very well looked after but the food is rather rich... if we are going to indulge we might as well enjoy without feeling guilty :) 

From the menu: Chicken leg (without the skin) with a creamy curry sauce + a portion of fries and let's go crazy, homemade strawberry tart for pudding + green tea.

45 minutes walk with a superb guide to burn off some of our lunch
15 minutes walk

no snack of course
celebration diner with the team at Chez Clement: scallops chowder with carrots + a portion basmati rice + leek melt 

After 3 days of high octane Body Fitness Trade Show all we want to do is go home for a nice sleep. 

50 butt squeezes on each side during tooth brushing 

It was an amazing day with my dream team and the boosted up bootcampers who's success is a joy to be part of... 

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