Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I meet some very smart people

A beautiful day VERY ACTIVE... I didn't touch the ground... it is also the day Britney Spears gets back on the road with a tour called Circus. She gives it her all (well, almost, she lip-synchs), dances, does magic tricks... I think that her critics will be put in their place! She also has the support of Perez Hilton and that's something!

Breakfast: 2 slices toasted wholegrain bread + a soupcon non hydrogenated margarine

15 min walk in torrential rain and high heels... at one point we feared getting flooded!

Very interesting meeting with people of superior intelligence... it is motivating and humbling at the same time. I discover a product that should be quite a hit... but hush, there will be more on the subject in a few weeks time.

Business lunch in a french restaurant, from the menu: baby leaf salad + 2 slices of bread + seafood soup (too much cream, I leave feeling a bit sickly)

I rush to the gym as I've been on duty since 6 am: 60 min cardio training at 135 BPM: 20 min stairmaster + 20 elliptical trainer + 20 min bike + 15 min weights 

Snack: 5 fresh almonds + 1 litchi/pink grapefruit flavored yogurt I'm asked to test. I am impressed! mind you, at $2 a piece, I am not sure the company will succeed, let alone make a fortune.

15 min walk

Diner: 1/2 cup tomato and cream soup (too heavy for me, really, I am invaded by cream today) + 1 huge portion edamame + a few crisps/guacamole + pan fried marinated tofu in soya/mustard/balsamic vinegar (yummy!)... for desert: salad of raspberries (locally grown) and blackberries with a drop of agave nectar + lemon juice to bring out the flavors

2 min ballerina moves

Another night of insomnia... I don't fight them anymore... I just take them as they come and make use of them, it is much less stressful that way! 

1 am, I hunger (not real of course) torments me and I eat a portion edamame, not sure what it does for my figure! 

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