Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shoot and meeting at the top, what a great day!

Here is Caro, a hairdressing artist who works as fast as lightning! 

Breakfast on the set where the shoot goes on all morning: 1 banana and a few macaroons (the good diet saboteurs are here and know very well what will make me ply)

3 great hours of shoot in a superb atmosphere and plenty of 25th hour exercises for the cameras

Then I rush to Villa Corse, my HQ, for a very nice meeting with some people who have succeeded in a very competitive line of business. It's a joy. We are going to embark on a great adventure together, fantastic! 

On the menu: Scallops in a leek soup, 2 slices of bread with tapenade and, for desert, a red berries salad with a almond wafer and a scoop of red berries and mint sherbet. To finish, a fresh mint tea 
No time for a nap... I run off to meet C and F with C. Great meeting where we straighten everything out to take things to the next level. Fine plan... let's do it! 

Snack: a few sprouted almonds with goji berries and raw chocolate.

1 hour accumulated walk
50 butt squeezes
20 squats 

I scoot off again because there isn't any spare time with this week's packed diary... but it's all for good cause!

End of the day with C for diner: cream of watercress, onion pastilla, 1 thin apple tart and bucket loads of water for my parched throat, I talk all day and it is really crying out now :0

In bed early, for a change, I need it and it feels great... to recover. 

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